YouTube Feed Application

A Picture is worth a Thousand words. A Video is worth a Million.

Imagine a gallery of all the videos from your YouTube Channel on your Facebook Business Page, with an option to select which video you’d like to have featured in the Tab.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Amplify your viewership by transporting all your YouTube videos to your Facebook fan page. Our supportive and user-friendly YouTube Feed Application facilitates you in adding all your YouTube videos to a tab on your Facebook business page, where they will be exhibited in an effortless and minimalistic thumbnail-style layout.

Fans and Visitors will have the opportunity of viewing all your videos in FULL HD playback (depends on the quality of the video) within a native YouTube Player on your fan page. They will also have the facility of browsing through videos by using usernames, hashtags, and playlists. An option for Liking, Commenting, and Sharing the videos is also offered.

We will also proffer a Likegate on the Application Tab, which will persuade users to Like your page in order to view your videos, proliferating your fan base. Users even have the option for Subscribing to your YouTube channel with the help of a Subscribe Button, integrated with your YouTube Tab.

Here, take a look at what our application looks like in action:

Rs.1,000 / per month

YouTube Feed Application


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  • All your YouTube Channel Videos on Facebook
  • Likegate persuades users to Like your Fan Page in order to view Videos
  • Real Time Visitor Analytics
  • Social Media Integration allows users to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel from Facebook
  • Supports All Languages
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • ‘Invite a Friend’ feature boosts your Fan Base
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
  • No Technical Knowhow Required

Connect with us today and multiply your YouTube viewership.

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How can I install the YouTube Feed Application?

It is very simple process. Just ‘Connect to Facebook’ on our website and press ‘Install’, you’re ready to go. You will be redirected to the backend admin panel where you can customize the tab as per your requirements.

How does this work?

It extracts the source of all your YouTube Videos and displays them in an orderly manner in your Facebook Fan Page Tab.

How often will it update my feed?

By default, the application synchronizes with and updates the YouTube Feed as soon as it is posted on your YouTube channel.