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Welcome your Fans with Style!

When we talk about custom landing tabs, all the major brands already posses them, all the startups want them, but just how efficient are they in engaging your Facebook Page’s following?

Since landing tabs primarily target those who don’t already “Like” your Page, a Welcome Tab is for all the users who are not already connected with your fan page.

Creating a valuable and worthwhile Facebook Welcome Tab is an art, and using it efficiently before a user has Liked your Page, can be a challenge.

Our team of experts is experienced in fabricating and developing avant-garde Welcome Tabs for numerous firms. It is a great means of showcasing your products and services, or just saying ‘Hi’ to new visitors.

The Welcome Tab also acts as a medium of augmenting the number of fans on your fan page as it can be integrated with a ‘Likegate’ which will persuade users to connect with your page in order to view the Tab. The insights provided by our Welcome Tab in the form of a report facilitate you in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Here, take a look at what our application looks like in action:


Welcome Tab


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  • Fangate Integration allows you to demonstrate different content to users before they Like your Fan Page
  • Real Time Visitor Analytics
  • Custom Tab Icon and Name
  • ‘Invite a Friend’ feature boosts your Fan Base
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized

Connect with us today and greet visitors on your page, eventually converting them into valuable fans.

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How can I install the Welcome Tab Application?

It is very simple process. Just ‘Connect to Facebook’ on our website and press ‘Install’, you’re ready to go. You will be redirected to the backend admin panel where you can customize the tab as per your requirements.

Can I insert a database form in my Welcome Tab?

Yes, of course you can. However, we suggest you to provide information regarding your brand on the Welcome Tab as it is a means of direct communication with potential customers.

Can the information, once inserted, be altered?

Absolutely. You can customize the tab as per your requirements.