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Powered by BrandAppZ, the Web Mentions tool has been built to provide you hourly insights on all the social activity happening around your brand/product in the form of a report. It will provide you and your team a list of all the user activity surrounding your brand so that you can take prompt action before things go way out of hand. The beauty of this product lies in the fact that it can be accessed on all devices.It offers concrete and consolidated information, generated and compiled from all over the internet, including social media websites. It can be tweaked to provide instant updates to as many members of your team as you wish.

Web Mentions offers an extensive online reputation monitoring spectrum. It provides a means to recognize and address discontented customers and adverse comments about your firm or product. Web Mentions has been developed to facilitate you in monitoring customer reviews and grievances on social networks, news, blogs, and forums. On top of everything, you will be provided with a dashboard where you can discover and analyze all user activity concerning your products and services. It saves all the alerts so that you can back in time and search for the exact information you want.


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We understand and appreciate the significance of an online reputation and acknowledge how momentous it is to alleviate damage and act quickly. Our product facilitates you to reinstate your online presence in a discrete and proficient manner. We pride ourselves in the pace at which our tool is able to assist people resolve their online evils.

You work very hard to foster a grand reputation. Make sure that Google results replicate that.

Why do you need to manage your online reputation?

Recent studies portray that most of the populace is conducting online research for reviews about companies and their products before settling their purchases. Therefore, when your clients, and of course potential clients, evaluate you on the basis of your online reputation, it is more than just obligatory that you remain in total control of it.

If you “Googled” your name or your firm’s name this instant, what would you see? Perhaps a freshly laid-off employee has some hostile opinions about your firm’s management. Maybe a business competitor has been furtively targeting you on different consumer review websites which resulted in unreciprocated customer grievances. Or maybe you are a high-profile individual who wants to know what is being talked about you on various social platforms. Adding to the misery, more than 47% of internet users aggressively use Social Media to vent out aggravation concerning your firm or products.

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What exactly is Online Reputation Management?

ORM refers to the act of monitoring, improving and preserving the publicly available information on the internet regarding individuals, businesses and firms.

Why is ORM essential?

ORM is essential because anybody can say anything online: anonymously, posing as an expert or posing as someone else.

What all channels does Web Mentions cover?

Web Mentions helps you monitor user activity regarding your firm/product on social networks, online reviews, news, blogs, and forums.

How is Web Mentions different from Google Alerts?

Web Mentions allows you to create an alert with as many keywords and makes the consolidated reports available for as many members of your team as you want. Google Alerts, on the other hand, allows you to create alerts for your personal account only and does not provide reports.

Can you recommend some management tactics that I can employ for my firm?
Key reputation management tactics we recommend you to employ for your firm:

  • Claim your Brand Name: The initial step to monitoring and altering your online reputation is to claim your brand name. Whether your brand is your name itself, a business name or a product name, you ought to be certain that no one else has the power of misrepresenting you on the internet by manipulating a piece of your brand.
  • Own your Search Engine Results Page: take full advantage of your SERP by controlling it as much as you can.
  • Foster a presence on any and all relevant internet properties: Your firm should already have Twitter, Facebook, and a Google+ account, at the bare minimum. If you’re competing in an extremely cutthroat market and vertical, you might need to be proactive and upbeat on additional social media sites, as well. For B2B, state-of-the-art and/or professional businesses, having executives and employees integrate with LinkedIn would be more than just valuable. For visually-oriented products, a Pinterest, an Instagram and a Flickr account will prove to be fruitful. And, nearly all businesses will gain from a few number of videos shared via websites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Blog: Blogging is an additional way to get your brand out there. Buy a domain that incorporates your brand name, and then grow your blog through professional, constructive information about the company, products, services, industry trends, and support.
  • Provide great customer service: This has been proven to be, by far, the finest online reputation management tool ever. You should center on providing the best service possible, so that your happy customers become your evangelists. The online reputation of your brand will become one less thing to worry about, as your business profiles will start to flood with optimistic and encouraging reviews.
Are there any free tools that I can use to monitor my online reputation?
Here is a list of some free tools that you can use to monitor your digital presence:

  1. Google Alerts: Yes, the good old Google Alerts always come in handy. It is a great tool to monitor your online mentions on an instant, daily or weekly basis.
  2. Trackur: It is a social media monitoring tool that tenders instant notifications whenever your brand is mentioned on any social media website. That means you can revert punctually and aptly, even if you’re not glued to your Facebook account.
  3. Social Mention: If you have a grandfirm with thousands of daily mentions across the internet and a well recognized brand, Social Mention can help you track them and also analyze data from numerous sources to comprehend their sentiment and origin.
  4. Naymz: It is a helpful tool for tracking your firm’s social influence, which is very closely knit to your online reputation. The most fascinating feature is RepScore that rates your authority across different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.