Fan of the Month Application

Want to make your fans feel special?

Fan of the Month does that for you.

Our application analyzes all your social interactions on Facebook and discovers fans that interact with you the most. It investigates interactions with your fans over a period of one month and discovers your top fans while generating all the demographics concerning them. The Top Fan is chosen on the basis of maximum likes, comments, posts, and shares. This user-friendly application allows you to reward and incentivize engagement from your ardent followers.

Get this application for your Facebook Fan Page and witness a vigorous amplification in your fan base. With the extensive insights provided, comprehend what really drives engagement towards your page, and acquire a better understanding of who your supporters and influencers really are.
Here, take a look at what our application looks like in action:




Fan of the Month Application



  • Likegate helps in Amplifying Fan Base
  • Presents Real-Time Insights & Analytics
  • Automatically Updates Feed
  • ‘Share’ feature augments the Blog Reach

If you wish to display your appreciation towards the fans you love, connect with us today, and install this cost-effective and effortless application.

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