Blog Feed Application

It’s Lightning Fast. It Aggregates. It keeps you Organized.

Now you can amplify the engagement with your fans by bringing your articles from your blog right into facebook. And you don’t need to do this manually any more! Because our awesome Blog Feed Application brings your articles automatically into Facebook’s Information Environment. All this smart application needs is an RSS URL to fetch your blog posts and exhibit them in your brand’s Facebook profile.

Whether your blog is based on WordPress or Blogspot or it’s a customized blog, our Blog Feed App can swiftly retrieve content and display your recent articles in a comfortable and customizable outlook.
By integrating the two social channels, the Blog Feed App increases your social media exposures with no advertisements! What’s more, the Blog Feed App can feature your brand logo & transmit your brand’s essence in the customizable top banner.
It is a straightforward and uncomplicated process of diffusing information to your Target Audience.
Here, take a look at what our application looks like in action:
Rs.1,000/Per Month



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  • Easy Installation
  • Automatically Updates Feed
  • ‘Share’ feature augments the Blog Reach
  • Supports all content publishing platforms
  • Supports customized blogs

If you wish to bridge the communication gap between you and your potential target audience, connect with us today, and install this cost-effective and effortless application.


Can this help me increase my brand’s fan base as well?
Yes, of course. can be inserted, which will persuade users to Like your fan page in order to view the blog feed.
How will I insert blog posts in the application?

You don’t need to manually add blog posts in this amazing application. It will automatically extract all your blog posts from your portal (or any other portal) and update hem on the Facebook Tab regularly.

Can I propel my Facebook fan base to my Blog?

Yes, most definitely. A preview of the blog updates will be available for the fans to view, followed by a ‘Read More’ option, which will be directly linked to your blog portal.