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Digitally exposed brains crave for out-of-the-box ideas when they search for potential exposure in pursuit to gain Numero Uno status in the digital world. You see, when you brag about your fan base, numbers don’t always help. At the end of the day it is the one-to-one interaction that matters.

As a brand, you might be garnering fans quite proficiently but your day-to-day social activities fail to send your message across to them. Social applications, in such cases, save your message from getting dissolved. So, if you have been thinking lately,

Why Social Apps?

  • Bifurcate customers from fan base.
  • Gather micro details of users.
  • Personalizes the user experience based on the collected demographics.
  • Connect users with your brand & transform them into brand ambassadors.
  • Spread the word about your brand.
  • Engage friends & families together. Users stay hooked to your brand while sharing moments of joy.
“I've fans in bounty. I've been sending across the brand message without any fail & yet it’s just not fruitful! What do I do with this massive number?”

You have got your answer now! Get social apps into place.

Facebook Fanpages organically reach only about 16% of their fans on average. So, a gigantic fan base can become a boon if you can contemplate an application idea that can engage your users as well as effectively achieve your business objectives.

As a leading application development house in India, BrandAppZ helps brands establish this missing connect with the customers & fans by facilitating them with innovative application solutions and assisting them become market forerunners.

How can Social Applications help?

Every business/industry has some pain points. And social applications are a solution to many of these. Bet it hiring or website registrations, BrandAppZ has been addressing these problems via beguiling apps.

BrandAppZ has built multifarious applications that solely focus on generating leads for your business. These apps are an effective way of extracting actual customers from your huge fanbase and your presence on other social media platforms and generating business from them. View one such application that is working wonders for our clients.

We instigate your fans to tickle their cognizance and keep them hooked to your brand via entertaining and fun applications such as quizzes, games and contests that accelerate the interaction manifold.

All day work and no play makes jack a dull boy. We acknowledge the same and propound it ditto. At BrandAppZ,we cultivate ideas of gaming apps that leave our patrons agitated for the concerned brand. Social Tambola is one one such offering that delivers entertainment unlimited with friends & family. The delightful gratifications act as icing on the cake.

Use of social applications for engaging users is an effective way of using them. When placed on your website, these can increase the time your customers spend on it, directly impacting the performance & ranking of your website.

Contests extract the best out of you. With intriguing ideas and lucrative offers that we bring, we engineer gorgeously crafted contests propelled by intriguing ideas and lucrative offers. And yes they do become a medium of conversation for goodies seeking enthusiasts. The plug-and-play Photo Contest is a wonderful example of these contests.

Platforms & Screens Supported

Your users have started accessing your online brand presence from an increasing gamut of devices. Therefore, it has become exceptionally significant to design & build applications that foresee and respond to your users’ needs, on any device.For us, supporting devices, platforms & browsers of all natures is a matter of the utmost importance. Social, desktop, tablet, mobile- our social applications support them all!

BrandAppZ is the oracle on social media applications. We pride ourselves in conceptualizing and delivering more than 500 out-of-the-box social applications for brands and agencies. Depending upon their nature and requirements, we build simpler (like Facebook Connect) to multi fold enriched apps (like Facebook apps integrated with your website & backend). When it comes to social application development, it would not be wrong to call ourselves the APP GURUS.

Facebook Applications

Businesses and Brands whose target market falls in the characteristic Facebook user demographic have struck Gold by utilizing well designed & well developed Facebook Apps. Beyond likes, comments and shares, Facebook Apps facilitate you in getting more engaged users, amplified website traffic and an amplification in revenue.
BrandAppZ has successfully developed an assortment of Facebook Apps for different clients ever since Facebook welcomed developers to its platform. We have designed a wide range of apps in …read more

LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn is a social network with a difference; especially for brands whose target audience is a specific set of professionals. Be it a Credit Card Referral Programme for the CFOs, CEOs & CMOs or a luxury car promotion for the segment, LinkedIn can help you reach your exact target group, which is hard to be achieved on any other channel. Similarly, LinkedIn applications like Login with LinkedIn can work wonders and help you achieve your business objective easily & effectively, if used for collecting resumes.

BrandAppZ, being a leading application development house, can ideate & build LinkedIn applications for your brand and help you steal a march on your competitors. All you have to do is to connect with us!

Twitter Applications

When it comes to the maximum number of Twitter users, India is amongst the top 10 countries in the world!

With everybody from the PMO Narendra Modi to corporate brands, to Bollywood celebrities and your TG now on Twitter, we can say that it’s sensible enough to use this social network for promotion, maintenance & expansion of your business. It allows you to make new contacts, exchange opinions and maintain connections. As a result of this growth, Twitter apps and tools gain significant importance for businesses.

We, at BrandAppZ, help you build innovative and intelligible apps using Twitter features like curated tweets, Twitter handle, specific hashtags and keywords. Check out some of our Twitter applications that gained appreciation from the customers & users alike.