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Approximately, 81% of small and large scale businesses worldwide are utilizing the gigantic potential of Social Media to reach out to more than 1.5 billion prospective customers.

Customers prefer buying from brands that are active on SM


Customers prefer SM platforms for customer service

Social Media facilitates you in DIRECTLY connecting with your Target Audience.Roughly most sections of the society use Social Media Marketing to network, respond, and review products and services before purchasing them. It aids you to craft a brand that bonds with the youthful and elderly across the globe while sitting in the ease of your workplace. It is considered to be the most resourceful and effective marketing tool in the online world. BrandAppZ will make you an active believer of SM as our services are effortless and effective.

Are you still being told that Social Media is only a branding exercise?

Well, if you are looking to do a branding exercise & acquisition of new customers & the retention of the old ones, then you’re at the right place. Because, at BrandAppZ, we are driven by the ROI-fever & we strongly believe in measurable social media results.

Now that we have talked about ‘WHY SMM’, let us move onto a bigger question, ‘HOW’ we do it at BrandAppZ. Social Media is not just about creating a Facebook page, a Twitter id or a LinkedIn profile. It’s an incessant process and can only be executed by a passionate team that doesn’t work just for money but because they love their work. At BrandAppz, we never say YOUR work, rather we say OUR work. It is more of a relationship that works with our brands than the formal contracts.

We start by recognizing your objectives and then ideating to generate a plan that is mastered to instigate your TG. We sit together, ideate, innovate and execute. Be it our ready-made applications or customized campaigns, we incorporate the brand ideology and come up with fabulous ideas. We have been proud social media partners for over hundred brands, start-ups, agencies and entrepreneurs and continue to do so.

We are WILD about social media marketing

CRAZY about creating applications and

IMMENSE when it comes to impact

We, at BrandAppZ , talk not only about branding, but about ROI. We put ourselves in your shoes, understand your domain, and employ our expertise to it to generate more business via social media. Our work strategies include social forecasting and insights besides auditing and competitive investigation, content development matched with the finest tactics, complete social consultation, extensive social media management geared to capitalize return on investment (ROI), and the development of social procedures and compliance guidelines.

BrandAppZ consults, assists, and manages your entire social existence, which includes building and managing a community, content creation and sharing, designing artworks, paid social media, partnerships, promotions and application development. We are capable of creating exclusive social interactions that are social by design and increase consumer experience. An all-inclusive execution is our strong suit which includes social blueprint and artwork development, illustrated storytelling, content creation, application design and development, and everything else needed to conceptualize and create. We can administer all facades of social media management in sync with your partners.

Have a look at what all we can do for you!


Our accomplishments are measured by results.

We don’t just talk BIG. Our work says it all.

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Why do I need social media for my business ?

People frequently purchase from firms they trust, and the most effective means of connecting with your customers and potential customers is through conversations on social media websites. Almost every department in your firm can be absolutely impacted by employing an effective social media strategy.

I have a team handling our social media marketing, so why do I need you ?
If you have already employed an in-house team working on social media marketing, we can provide them with knowledge and strategies to improve the social performance and efficiency. We have staff members to provide your social media campaign a strategic boost towards superior success. Since social media is our forte, we stay on top of the trends and fine-tune your strategy as the trends evolve. Besides this, we can help you with some Social Media Applications to amplify the effect of your efforts. These could be applications to directly generate ROI or intensify interaction amongst your user base. Check out some ready-made social media apps & some customized apps that you can use.
What is your pricing structure for your social media services ?

Because of the distinctive requirements of every business, we have a customized approach towards each client. We provide an affordable pricing structure that will meet your needs. We usually price our services and solutions depending on the amount of work that needs to be done after the online marketing assessment has been accomplished.

What is my return on marketing investment for social media?

Monitoring the return on your social media marketing investment incorporates numerous goals, depending on your requirements. Some examples include generating sales leads, improving customer service via social media, performing market research, increasing brand awareness, and many more.