Yesterday, while scrolling through a popular website on internet, my belief in the social media platform was re-assured by industry figures that boast a staggering 82% use of the platform as a vital marketing tool. Well, no awards for guessing that Facebook leads the pack with a distinct margin. As we all know of marketing being ever evolving, we sit back to decipher the numerous challenges thrown up by the market. Remarketing remains one of the latest apprehensions and has been decoded quite efficiently by the market analysts.     

What is Re-marketing and how to play the game?
When it comes to convincing people frequenting your site to make their choices, one visit is really not enough. Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailor-made ads and offers that connects them to the information they extracted from your site. With re-marketing, you get another chance to seal the deal!     

Remarketing allows you to identify your target audience from the past site visitors and deliver relevant ads for your search and display campaigns based on the response. It pays handsome dividend because the ads that an audience sees across the web connects to their previous encounter with your brand which in turn makes them more likely to buy the product.

Add dynamism to your remarketing campaigns
When your remarketing campaign meets dynamic ad, its travels to a new dimension altogether. Dynamism coupled with your campaign lets you procreate highly relevant and customized ads that remind the shoppers of items they’ve seen or bought in the past on your site and suggest other products they might prefer.

But, at the same time you have to fathom that not all visitors to your site are like-minded. The visitor who has already stuffed items in his shopping cart a while ago, is more likely to make purchase than the person who took a stroll through your webpage fortnight ago and hasn’t been back yet. Hence, real-time bidding with remarketing helps you reach customers across the tens of thousands of sites and determines where they will best respond to your ads, and automatically tailor your bids.

Facebook hasn’t been directly involved with re-marketing and has catered its services through able third party companies. Many marketers have started using third party tools to remarket through Facebook Exchange (FBX). The online remarketing with FBX has seen surge of some giant partners in Ad roll, Triggit, MediaMath, DataXu and Turn.

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