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Mobile applications to make you mobile

1.75 Billion Smartphone Users in the World. Are you on Mobile?

Mobile Platform represents an exceptional opportunity and an exceptional challenge. The opportunity lies in the development of games, universal utility applications, and industry-specific business applications that stretch out to billions of users. The challenge lies in offering the finest user experience and apposite value added services for different mobile operating systems.

BrandAppZ offers a complete suite of mobile development services, along with a counseling approach, for the best possible results and the finest possible user experience. Our services encompass the design and development of applications on a range of platforms, namely iOS, Android, HTML5 and Web, along with auxiliary services.

Our established competence in the mobile development industry has placed us in an exclusive position to provide the finest end-to-end custom solutions.

As mobile technology is becoming extra flexible, the tendency of using smart phones is growing like wildfire, and there is indeed no stoppage. Forecasters have extracted data and provided numerous reports that the future will be ruled by mobile technology.

There are millions of applications for smart phones in the market. An Application, or trendily called app, is produced by a mobile application developer. BrandAppZ is one such mobile developer betrothed in designing, developing and deploying all kinds of applications. We build applications for all the mainstream mobile operating systems, namely Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

We have been the pioneers in mobile application development industry for more than half a decade now. We have an ambition to revolutionize mobile technology which is available to you in the form of smart phones, tablets, phablets, and convertibles, through our high-tech app solutions and services and facilitating businesses in simplifying their IT processes and generate heartening revenue.

Lucidity defines the BrandAppZ process. Working together with the client permits elasticity in the face of varying business requirements. Each and every element of the mobile application is pragmatically considered in terms of intricacy and significance, guaranteeing that you go out to the market with the most crucial features, as soon as possible.



With Android esteem on its absolute stature, Google is now chasing towards 1 Billion active Android users by 2014.

We unleash the domination and muscle of Android to build professionally developed, top-notch mobile solutions for all industry verticals. As one of the leading Android application development companies in India, BrandAppZ has been contributing a qualitative array of Android application development solutions to firms all around the world. With established proficiency and polished skills, we have been capable of offering tailored Android application development services that guarantee the topmost level of contentment in every project. Over the years, we have been able to exploit the utmost potential of the Android SDK platform. Our skilled and proficient programmers utilize an extensive range of development gear and skills to turn an idea into an authentic produce.


State of the art applications can undoubtedly take firms and businesses to inconceivable heights. Being an iOS application development firm, we have personally observed the same in the past.

Nowadays, each and every mobile tactic begins with an iPhone application and then covers other platforms. Such is the allure of the iPhone.

We have been in the iOS application development universe since the device was introduced. Our iOS developers and designers are specialists at comprehending the right balance between the client’s thoughts, iOS platform principles, user interface and experience, and of course expectations. They also bridge the gap between technical confrontations and potential of the project. Consequently, majority of our clients have witnessed extraordinary accomplishments, with their applications thumping the top of all the charts in the App Store.

An exceptional product materializes from passionate planning, extensive knowledge and technological expertise. We deliver the finest possible customer service by deploying output-driven project management and seamless communication.

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and create a revolutionary product for you.