Generating leads through LinkedIn

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Thanks to the advent of social media, we have all become technology obsessed and understand the nuances of it, hence I would directly emphasize on the platforms that generate & leverage business opportunities. When we talk of leads generation online, we are immediately reminded of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site which has evolved phenomenally in the past decade. Be it garnering business opportunities, finding the right job, generating leads or reviewing a product, LinkedIn is the one answer to many solutions for people across the globe.


Why LinkedIn?
But why in the world do we need LinkedIn as our business mentor? The answer remains quite predictable; LinkedIn is the only platform that houses over 350 million devoted professionals worldwide who mean business. But let’s not consider it from the bulging crowd’s perspective. A recent study found out that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times that of Facebook (0.77%) and Twitter (0.69%). And that’s something remarkable which comes with a delight called ROI. Point taken! So, if you are a dedicated industry person & really want to generate remarkable business with the apt use of LinkedIn, all that you need to do is showcase a neat profile & follow the basic mantra on mastering LinkedIn.

Mastering it your way:
Get found: If you aspire to stay in the race, you have to be visible. Follow the basics & achieve an all-star by completing your profile. Also get your custom URL right, because that way it will be easy for your target audience to find you & do-not forget to make your company page. Taking care of fundamentals can see you ashore.

Attracting Crowd: In the online world, it’s all about being presentable! The more qualified you are with your product, better the response. And attracting crowd isn’t that easy, so you better be wise while showcasing your products & the content that you choose to illustrate it.

Find target audience & connections: The entire marketing thrusts on the Target audience or the Target Group! You just can’t toss the stuff at random audience & the moment you figure out the pulse of your audience, you come out as a winner. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that LinkedIn is a platform where entrepreneurs start with connections & move to make relationships.

Manage to stay in Newsfeed: This again is one of the crucial aspects to be considered when you are trying to make a mark online. Sharing updates seldom never helped anyone. Your active presence and regular, meaningful updates thrive your business objective.

Quality content matters: Creating and sharing content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience can potentially cause them to seriously consider your company’s products and services.

Maneuver the groups that you have joined: Joining a group just to relish the pleasure of being a group member won’t help you. Make sure that all the updates you share, must be shared in the groups which you are a part of. Technically, a group size matters as well; the larger it is, the wider your post reach.
Apt use of sponsor updates: Money can buy almost everything in this world, so why not the required audience for your business? Sponsored updates increase the post reach multifold, targeting just your audience basis the demographics you choose. It does work, doesn’t it?

& lastly, go viral..: Now that you know all the basic technicalities of mastering LinkedIn, it’s time for you to go all guns ablaze & shine like a true pioneer.

That’s LinkedIn for you, supporting businesspersons since Dec, 2003…

It is highly possible that by the end of this blog you might be mulling over the idea of propelling your business through LinkedIn. So, why not send us a query & we shall take it from there. Hit the link to gather more details.

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)