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From an aloof button located on the bottom right corner of the now-discarded phone, to becoming the global icon, #Hashtag has come a long way. Literally, a Hashtag is an unspaced phrase prefixed with an insignia of net (hash character) to form a label. Words or phrases in messages or posts on micro blogging sites and social media network like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram acquire a new character by entering hash (#) symbol before them. I would miss a vital point here if I failed to mention that Hashtag is the new fad in the sphere of the Social Media marketing.
Advantage Hashtag:
Like a predefined package Hashtag too comes with a bundle of delight. It re-groups identical tagged messages thus making things more visible in the electronic search across various medium. Today Hashtag depicts the trending topics across the globe. On social networking or micro blogging sites, it can be inducted anywhere in the sentence thus adding exclusivity to the quoted entity.
Advantage hashtag leverages the reach of a message exponentially, thus educating the most introvert mortal who is unaware of the trending activities. While the icon makes for a formidable tool, it influences the group activities, online conventions as in the shorter terms that depict the latest fad, like #lolz #TGIF #GloomyMon. In fact today, hashtag has become an instrument to represent our mental state. If you are really happy or angry at someone, you need not reach up to the person and talk to him, rather tags like #blessed, #annoyed, #high expresses in a better way.
Talking about its origin, the concept hashtag was first brought up by InfoTech to highlight a special meaning. It depicted an immediate address mode and has been known as hash symbol in some countries outside North America. If Wiki source is to be believed, it was Chris Messina, who first used hash tag on Twitter in 23 Aug, 2007. It went on to become a writing style in 2009-10 Iranian Election protest where it was prefixed with English as well as Persian language. Seeing its popularity, Oxford English Dictionary inducted it in its fleet.
Your own Business Tool:
It started from twitter and the phenomenon has spread through to other platforms like G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. People greeted it with open arms and used it strategically to categorise their messages on twitter; as a result it is one of the most potent marketing weapons for a business person today. Hashtags today improve your reputation online. It not only initiates a discussion but also propels it further. Analytics say that hash tag has accounted for a major chunk of twitter activity since it came into picture and has emerged as a force around which social media market thrusts. Today people also use it as a strategic functionality to kick start a campaign. Use a Hashtag & you can invite people to join your venture as well.
For a budding prodigy the hash tag propels additional functionality that covers same group of people and help them with better insight for business. Ask a question under a hash tag and see it attended by enthusiasts across the globe, which results in the amplification of your knowledge bank.
If I were to opine about hashtag in general, I would have you include this weaponry in your arsenal when you are chalking out your business strategy. Seeing all the goodies that it brings with itself, hashtag is already on its course to become one of the greatest things in the sphere of social media. Be it garnering maximum followers or arranging your tweets, hashtag provides more than one could ask for.
All you gotta do is, Tag ‘em perfectly!

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)