Emergence of social media in travel industry

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Social media has spread around everywhere like water would when you pour it, it would not cease but flow endlessly. The impact has been such that all the industries around want to make the most of social media to drive sales and increase customer loyalty and interaction. Be it small travel agencies or the big guns, they all are trying to gather as much attention as possible through social media.
Out of all the players out there, it is only a few who realize what they have to offer in social media space and fail to understand how it shall benefit their business. Social media can actually act as a promotional way, a customer service tool or it could be the greatest way to generate content and improve your search engine performance.

social media marketing

It eventually boils down to the fact that it lets you communicate with prospective customers and make them acquainted with your products and latest schemes. Here are few travel marketing ideas which make some sense:

Right platform
Approach people, research online and check who you are competing with. Do know what social media tools would suit you the best! Consider your database demographics and analyse where they spend their time in the social media space.

Make strategy
A strategy should be made keeping in mind objectives that you have and how you plan to accomplish those objectives. Everyone loves to click pictures these days and if you manage a page on Facebook then you can make it a platform where your fans could share their holiday photos, and then choosing ‘favourite fans pics’ from the week gone. It’s all about engagement. That’s the way you go with it. Effective management would account to more reach hence more people connecting to your page.

Commitment matters
You should know that the amount of time you put into your social media would eventually help you in making a name for yourself. Retweet that interesting article on Twitter, post your latest deal to Facebook and hit ‘publish’ on your blog post/wordpress about travel.
If you don’t have time to do it yourself then seek out a socially savvy staff member or rather outsource. Getting a plan together is a necessity. There is nothing worse than a social network left decaying.

Integration of social networks with other marketing activities
Website, business cards, newsletters, in-store or any piece of marketing material should promote your social media presence. Take some time to update your online business listings with the new social media links and run a competition directing people to your social media site. Some low cost social media advertising should be done if you think that your followers or fan number is dwindling.
If yours is a travel related concern then you could be greatly benefited from social media. In case you have not hit it in the digital space then contact BrandAppZ

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)