Call to action button – Facebook

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What an asset Facebook has been to us! Talk about social activities, fun stuff or staying close to friends, the social media site has been the most apt induction to our lifestyle since 2004. And I hope most of us would agree upon it. Besides, it has been one of the most pleasant gifts to the business persons aspiring to expand their empire. For those who have been actively promoting their products on social media, Facebook has been their most loyal

For the competitive entrepreneur in us, Facebook marketing has leveraged multiple benefits like ad campaigning, post promotion, organizing events, product branding, retargeting customers through remarketing & directing the fan page traffic via legitimate link. And these strategieshave paid dividends in amassing significant number of customers. Meanwhile, in yet other noticeable move, the developers of Facebook have added the call-to-action button on the cover image of the fan pages. With the multitude of options that the button comes with, it is a power-puff package in its own way.

Talking about the advantages of call-to-action feature, it comes with 7 predefined tags which makes it easier for users to figure out what they exactly want. The features are: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. Additionally, it influences other big advantages like giving the page owner an account of exact number of clicks that have occurred. The feature is not only going to act as a business accelerating tool for the customers but will also bring eased accessibility to users. Resultant, the customer won’t have to rely on a search engine or technicalities of a website to suffice their needs.

Going by the name, it is clearly evident that the purpose of the button is to satisfy your craving for more customers/fans. All you got to do is to choose the relevant name for your button, instill the relevant link & click done! And there you are ready with a potential tool which will help increase the footfall on your website.Concluding, we can state that call-to-action is all set to become one of the milestone addition to facebook!

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)