Amplifying Apps by BrandAppZ

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BrandAppZ is a leading Facebook Application Development house and one of the largest Social Media Management firms in India. BrandAppZ has been successfully developing and delivering rich and impactful facebook applications ever since Facebook welcomed developers to its platform. The Apps by BrandAppZ are not only gorgeous & outstanding but are unbelievably easy on the pocket. Just Plug ‘n’ Play and enjoy an unsurpassable engagement on your fan page or website!

So, here we are with an application which is entertaining, interactive and you just can’t get enough of it. The idea was to give the client a smart social application which could generate more interaction among the masses & can get more registered users. With a view to maximize the followers, the app was introduced and since then it has been making a lot of news. Catering to adventure enthusiasts from not only India but other countries as well, the app was made in such a way that the content goes straight on the clients’ website. Various facebook components have been used to make the registration & interaction hassle-free & easy for all kinds of users. The most fascinating part of the application is that it registers you automatically to the website (!! All product owners & marketers know how miraculous such a thing can be for their products & brand. The application is a masterpiece. It is completely integrated with the website at the backend, so that all the discussions & interactions- be it in the form of posting a comment or a new topic of discussion or even a picture- get posted directly on the website, making the latter content rich.avn_app

This smart application works well on all the devices-be it desktop, laptop, android, ios, tab or whatever comes to your mind. It is quiet phenomenal as not all of the applications out there in the market have such compatibility. The app has been made like a game with three things happening at one time and more being added over a period of time. A daily quiz with a different question everyday, a jigsaw game and upload of images by users are some of the key features of the application.

Point system used in the app along with dedicated leader board keeps the users happy and participants active as they can clearly see who is topping the charts every week & month. That’s a big boost for any user to participate! It is a powerful application rich with social features like features like Invite Friends, facebook comments, facebook like & all these features have been smartly used. Each time the user uses any of these social features, it leaves an impression on their friends’ News Feed. All these clicks are recorded at the backend & the user is rewarded with additional points. The application is smart enough to recognize how many invited users have joined the application and rewards the fans (who invited their fiends) with some more points. This triggers a chain reaction leading to more impressions & registrations!

Forums like chit-chat and discussions let people talk their heart out. It becomes convenient for the marketer to get people talking about the brand and the fans are anyways happy with so much happening under the sun that theykeep participating regardless of time and space.

If you too are looking for an App as cool as this, you know who to get in touch with 😉

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)