Smart Events in Action @ Admissions Fair

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The most awaited & the largest higher education fair is around the corner- Admissions Fair 2016. Like Delhi students, it’s awaited by our team at BrandAppZ with equal enthusiasm & vigour. BrandAppZ has been helping Afairs increase visitor footfall & automate several events across the globe.

Last year, Admissions Fair at Delhi was a phenomenal success with over 10,000 footfalls. By using a set of SmartEvents apps (event automation apps by BrandAppZ), Afairs automated their Registration Desk and facilitated their exhibitors with smart technology solutions to collect & access students’ data. Afairs held all the aces by going paperless & set a benchmark not just for the events industry but for the education sector as well.

This year, we’re getting it off the ground on the 14th & 15th May. So, save the dates & visit the technology-driven education fair by Afairs.

Venue & Timings
14-15 May 2016 (Saturday & Sunday)
Hall No. 14th, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Entry from Gate 1,7 & 10

For enquires about Event Automation & Smart Registrations, contact:
Jaspinder Bhatia |+91- 987 309 7446

For Booking Stalls and Sponsorships, Contact:
Afairs Exhibitions & Media Pvt. Ltd.
Vivek Shukla | +91- 983 106 0068

Registration Desk, Admissions Fair, 2015

Talking Wall, Admissions Fair, 2015

SmartEvents by BrandAppZ

Are you kidding me! Twitter in classroom?

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There is a question which is seldom raised about the impact of social media on young minds. Talking about twitter, there is a belief that the 140 character micro blogging site is not good enough to educate the little ones! You would be surprised to know that in a few places teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies.


Here are a few ways how twitter can be educational

1) Direct message students and parents.
Mostly e-mail filtering makes important messages go to trash so some educators may prefer talking privately with kids and their parents through direct message feature on twitter
2) Tweet about upcoming due dates or assignments.
One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in the classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes.
3) Network with other educators.
Beyond using it for lessons, teachers using twitter have a vast network of like-minded professionals with whom they can exchange views and ideas regarding social networking in the classroom and other topics.
4) Use twitter in classroom to create a career list
An assignment can be made for students asking them to set up Twitter for education lists following feeds relevant to their career goals while keeping a daily journal on latest trends focusing on the same.
5) Coordinating assignment
Rather than keeping up with host of papers, students can use Twitter to collaborate on different projects and keep a quick reference on any changes.
6) Follow the issues
Talking about emerging topics by asking the class which issues they would like to follow. Subscribe to relevant hash tags and accounts from all perspectives which might be of importance or a subject relevant to students
7) Indulging in role play
Computer-savvy teachers can keep history lessons engaging for children by asking them to tweet ideas and quotes from their favorite figures.
8) Jotting down and sharing notes
What better than sharing notes with just a click unlike writing them down as was done in good old days. Print out of the notes could also be taken when ever needed.
9) Sync with a blog
There are free blogging sites which sync with Twitter, posting notices of new entries. The teacher could perhaps put in notes there, an update of which could then be followed by students
10) Connecting classrooms world over
Teachers and students from around the world can collaborate on projects using Twitter as a communication tool. This would bring in new thoughts and cultures together.
11) Research friendly
Typing keywords in search engine would wield all the micro blogging ever done on the subject which would be an excellent way for the student to research ideas, opinions and movements as they happen.

Making use of social media in classroom is still a debatable topic. There are pros and cons of using such means to educate children. What do you think- canwe evade social media or try to include it in the present education system?

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Engaging bloggers with your brand

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Until a few years ago, my parents weren’t aware of a profession called Blogging. According to them IAS, Doctors, Engineers & Officers in Defense Forces were some of the most reputed jobs in the society. Thanks to my keen interest in expressing my thoughts by way of blogging, the subject came to their knowledge but it didn’t quite grab their respect. However, with time they started understanding and now, even reading blogs (specially the ones written by me), their perception about blogging has changed and for good!


Coming to the matter of fact here, ‘Blogging’ is all about expressing your indigenous views about a product, place or thing in an informal way. To a large extent, blogging has become a prominent pillar of business strategy, of content generation or content marketing. No wonder why corporate honchos put in lots of effort to accumulate potential bloggers. So let’s embrace the fact that blogging can be definitely termed as one of the most tantalizing career prospects available today.

You see how things change with time! If you are looking out for a potential blogger for your product or services, at first you have to ensure the agility & reliability of your platform, rather than looking for bloggers. Thanks to some leading freelance writing platforms, all you have to do is hit the ‘View Profile’ tab. But to lure a potential writer to come & blog for your platform, it has to be highly receptive. Here’s how:

  • Keep it accessible: The universal law of success states that you must be simple, accessible & leveraging. In simple words, your product has to be exciting & easy to use. Nobody loves to take redundant pain in looking out for technicalities. A simple & easily accessible platform makes for the most alluring place for enthusiasts.
  • Focus on creation of ‘interest’ groups: One of the core entities of the essentials of blogging, interest group, helps you sort the folk or topic as per their qualification. That way you can directly provide a neat & de-cluttered space for bloggers.
  • Freedom of expression: Freedom to write is a much sought-after prerogative, & everybody loves to exercise it.
  • Focus on ‘rich’ content generation: Brand communicators believe that content is the mother of all the marketing stints. Once your content generaton becomes your core aim, you will find bloggers swarming to your product & spreading their thoughts about it.
  • Social: Making your brand social is a thing of utmost priority. You just can’t expect huge chunk of people to come after your platform running. For that to happen a significant effort has to be put in to see that people know your product at the same time, are lured to make it known among their peers. Being social holds the key to excellence in the cutthroat market.

Today, socially savvy individuals often know more about social media and engaging with digital content than brands and agencies. What makes these new influencers even more powerful is the niche content they produce, which is often in a very specialized area. There are millions of bloggers publishing content in popular areas like parenting, food, fitness, fashion, entertainment, et al. So to get hold of the most glittering gem of the lot you have to make yourself an indispensable entity & then you can certainly look forward to becoming a veteran amongst those holding a huge bloggers base.

Connect with BrandAppZ. Let us bring your expectations to life with our content marketing strategies and a wide range of customizable applications, which can bring about extraordinarily phenomenal changes to your firm’s social profile and facilitate in accomplishing your expectations.

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Emergence of social media in travel industry

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Social media has spread around everywhere like water would when you pour it, it would not cease but flow endlessly. The impact has been such that all the industries around want to make the most of social media to drive sales and increase customer loyalty and interaction. Be it small travel agencies or the big guns, they all are trying to gather as much attention as possible through social media.
Out of all the players out there, it is only a few who realize what they have to offer in social media space and fail to understand how it shall benefit their business. Social media can actually act as a promotional way, a customer service tool or it could be the greatest way to generate content and improve your search engine performance.

social media marketing

It eventually boils down to the fact that it lets you communicate with prospective customers and make them acquainted with your products and latest schemes. Here are few travel marketing ideas which make some sense:

Right platform
Approach people, research online and check who you are competing with. Do know what social media tools would suit you the best! Consider your database demographics and analyse where they spend their time in the social media space.

Make strategy
A strategy should be made keeping in mind objectives that you have and how you plan to accomplish those objectives. Everyone loves to click pictures these days and if you manage a page on Facebook then you can make it a platform where your fans could share their holiday photos, and then choosing ‘favourite fans pics’ from the week gone. It’s all about engagement. That’s the way you go with it. Effective management would account to more reach hence more people connecting to your page.

Commitment matters
You should know that the amount of time you put into your social media would eventually help you in making a name for yourself. Retweet that interesting article on Twitter, post your latest deal to Facebook and hit ‘publish’ on your blog post/wordpress about travel.
If you don’t have time to do it yourself then seek out a socially savvy staff member or rather outsource. Getting a plan together is a necessity. There is nothing worse than a social network left decaying.

Integration of social networks with other marketing activities
Website, business cards, newsletters, in-store or any piece of marketing material should promote your social media presence. Take some time to update your online business listings with the new social media links and run a competition directing people to your social media site. Some low cost social media advertising should be done if you think that your followers or fan number is dwindling.
If yours is a travel related concern then you could be greatly benefited from social media. In case you have not hit it in the digital space then contact BrandAppZ

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Chat your way into a successful business

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Gone are the days when a lot used to happen over a cup of coffee. Now social media make things happen way too steadily & promptly. Be it expanding your business circle or generating handsome ROI, social media platforms have been a cut over the rest. Oh! While discussing social media I was reminded of a particular section of people who spend much of their time chatting. But here we aren’t going to despise them for that, because every quality finds cohering match some way or the other. Have you ever imagined that your chatting activity on Twitter can find you some really interesting business options? All you have to do is, do the basics, stay precarious and chat smartly.


Brief insight:
Life always gives you one opportunity but second chance is not always guaranteed. Formidable presence is your pass to the realm of social media marketing & the same goes for Twitter too. The micro blogging site is one of the most prominent platforms for businesspersons to churn money, given that they know how to maneuver its minute functionalities. Keep rekindling the conversations, stay in the thread & let the message loop beam with the conversations & you can dramatically escalate the prospects of your dream business.

For every business, the solution is unique. In general, you must recognize the sweet spot between what your target audience wants to hear & things that promote your business. Stay awake before you begin a conversation. Try making an impression with it where you compel people to retweet or favorite your tweet, subsequently highlighting the hash tag you chose to spread. The smarter you go with your content the better it becomes for your tweet, as in you can make your tweet a blend of crisp content & link.

Choose to stand out with the apt use of hashtags marginally.

Encourage your colleagues to push the conversation which will lead to an active thread. You mustn’t forget to post along with a relevant hash tag during the course of entire conversation. It will not only make your conversation alive but also brighten the chances of your conversation to flourish on a wider scale.

Twitter is one of the most engrossing social media platforms which youngsters have took to. The frequency of tweets on any global event attracts millions of enthusiasts from all over the world. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that the tweet-o-meter runs faster than the fuel dispenser meter. The moment you get a hold of the functionality of tweets & trending hashtags you win the half race. Rest depends on your execution. Just because the challenge is to conclude your message well within 140 characters makes twitter an engrossing social media platform.
Maneuver your accessibility in an efficient way and you can carve your way into the cut throat market. Just stay awake & use your cognizance!

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Generating leads through LinkedIn

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Thanks to the advent of social media, we have all become technology obsessed and understand the nuances of it, hence I would directly emphasize on the platforms that generate & leverage business opportunities. When we talk of leads generation online, we are immediately reminded of LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site which has evolved phenomenally in the past decade. Be it garnering business opportunities, finding the right job, generating leads or reviewing a product, LinkedIn is the one answer to many solutions for people across the globe.


Why LinkedIn?
But why in the world do we need LinkedIn as our business mentor? The answer remains quite predictable; LinkedIn is the only platform that houses over 350 million devoted professionals worldwide who mean business. But let’s not consider it from the bulging crowd’s perspective. A recent study found out that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times that of Facebook (0.77%) and Twitter (0.69%). And that’s something remarkable which comes with a delight called ROI. Point taken! So, if you are a dedicated industry person & really want to generate remarkable business with the apt use of LinkedIn, all that you need to do is showcase a neat profile & follow the basic mantra on mastering LinkedIn.

Mastering it your way:
Get found: If you aspire to stay in the race, you have to be visible. Follow the basics & achieve an all-star by completing your profile. Also get your custom URL right, because that way it will be easy for your target audience to find you & do-not forget to make your company page. Taking care of fundamentals can see you ashore.

Attracting Crowd: In the online world, it’s all about being presentable! The more qualified you are with your product, better the response. And attracting crowd isn’t that easy, so you better be wise while showcasing your products & the content that you choose to illustrate it.

Find target audience & connections: The entire marketing thrusts on the Target audience or the Target Group! You just can’t toss the stuff at random audience & the moment you figure out the pulse of your audience, you come out as a winner. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that LinkedIn is a platform where entrepreneurs start with connections & move to make relationships.

Manage to stay in Newsfeed: This again is one of the crucial aspects to be considered when you are trying to make a mark online. Sharing updates seldom never helped anyone. Your active presence and regular, meaningful updates thrive your business objective.

Quality content matters: Creating and sharing content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience can potentially cause them to seriously consider your company’s products and services.

Maneuver the groups that you have joined: Joining a group just to relish the pleasure of being a group member won’t help you. Make sure that all the updates you share, must be shared in the groups which you are a part of. Technically, a group size matters as well; the larger it is, the wider your post reach.
Apt use of sponsor updates: Money can buy almost everything in this world, so why not the required audience for your business? Sponsored updates increase the post reach multifold, targeting just your audience basis the demographics you choose. It does work, doesn’t it?

& lastly, go viral..: Now that you know all the basic technicalities of mastering LinkedIn, it’s time for you to go all guns ablaze & shine like a true pioneer.

That’s LinkedIn for you, supporting businesspersons since Dec, 2003…

It is highly possible that by the end of this blog you might be mulling over the idea of propelling your business through LinkedIn. So, why not send us a query & we shall take it from there. Hit the link to gather more details.

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

There’s nothing like Content Marketing Strategy or is there?

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“Content is King” they say…. Have you ever wondered as to which king is being talked about? The king who wins most of his battles or the king who loses every now and then! The king also has his queen but who is the queen in this case? The end customer might be considered the Queen, so to speak. Do remember that no Queen would want to be with a defeated King! To narrow down the King-Queen tale, content (king) is what the end customer (queen) would be relating to and if not up to the mark, the business (Kingdom) is bound to perish!

what-is-content-marketingImage Source : Google

Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise. Back in 1996, when Bill Gates uttered those magical words, “Content is king” the online world was a different place. Today the data shared everyday within a minute is just mind boggling. According to DOMO infographic:

Every minute:

  • Facebook users share nearly 2.5 million pieces of content.
  • Twitter users tweet nearly 277,000 times.
  • Instagram users post nearly 216,000 new photos.
  • YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video content.
  • Apple users download nearly 48,000 apps.
  • Email users send over 200 million messages.
  • Amazon generates over $83,000 in online sales.

In the present day scenario, it is needless to mention that the data out there is plenty but do remember that you are also one of them. It’s a war out there and going without a strategy would decimate you. Your content needs to be planned, worked on and has to have a proper strategy behind it. Writing content without the right content strategy would be as good as diving in water when you know nothing about swimming!
Good quality content would always find its place even if the domain it is put in is really cluttered. In short, creating brilliant content (whether in form of a video, article, blog post, or infographic) and marketing that content (whether through Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, or Facebook) offers a relevant, cost-efficient way to connect with highly target audiences. Here are a few things which would be of use when you are working on any given content.

Content marketing pointers

  • Eye catching headline
  • Intro-Spell Check-Grammar-Readability
  • Target audience
  • Key message
  • In-text links to landing pages
  • Call to action buttons by side/bottom
  • Relevance of the entire post from start to end

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)


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Major part of today’s business is controlled and executed through internet. In several researches, analysts have claimed that there can’t be a possible business or marketing strategy without interference of Internet. Today, social media is projected as a platform where buyers and sellers collaborate. Even social media management has been termed as an entity in reckoning. It has become a potent force around which whole marketing strategy thrusts. Potent SEO strategy has definitely paved way for good marketing & people begun showing their reliance on search engine & media management. Google, Yahoo & Bing have become quintessential of search option. It is simple- the more you are visible, steadier is your progress.

Today page engagement & maximum views differentiate better from the best. In pursuit to stay perched at the top, global market procreated SEO. SEO is the abbreviated form of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. As the name itself suggests, SEO optimizes the visibility of a website when searched through search engines. So if we were to talk about the basic functionality & other X-factors that SEO comes with, we would say:

  • SEO is the process to optimize search engine where it increases your availability quotient and makes your product more visible among the top search results, thus drawing optimum crowd & gaining hits for the company.
  • SEO specialist ensures the availability of elements description on page like Title, Description, Keyword and Heading. As a matter of fact, everything can be explained in common language but then, there is a need to add an overtone to it which meets the requirement of a user. That is when exact terminology reduces the complexity of our concern & an apt solution can be found at our disposal.
  • On many occasions people/companies languish at the bottom of search engines just because of their ignorance and lack of proper research on topics of their concern and they end up being clueless about the cause of deterioration. That is where SEO comes into play.
  • A smart SEO professional justifies the purpose of a company’s internet profile and talks about the product to make it a popular commodity. They emphasize on creation of more viewable text on a web page which reads well for a surfer & target things specifically.
  • SEO holds the key to understanding search engine algorithm and possible knowledge of searching potential of human brain. They not just emphasize on extracting traffic to web page, rather enhance beauty quotient with the smart application of words.
  • Depending upon allocated work, there are two types of SEO process. They are ON page and OFF page SEO. ON page SEO is responsible for good content, catchy banners and keyword selection by putting them on correct places. OFF page SEO is assigned with link marketing, something like building link and increasing link popularity by sharing and submitting to open directories.

SEO has certainly redefined the way to do business, today companies hire professional endowed with prodigious vocabulary skills which are highly product centered. SEO is someone who can fiddle with words and makes the write up easily accessible on internet. In other words, SEO can be termed as an able subsidiary of marketing strategy through search engine.
Summary: Online marketing has become synonymous to SEO. So, never think twice before you a SEO specialist for your business. Trust us, it works!

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Call to action button – Facebook

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What an asset Facebook has been to us! Talk about social activities, fun stuff or staying close to friends, the social media site has been the most apt induction to our lifestyle since 2004. And I hope most of us would agree upon it. Besides, it has been one of the most pleasant gifts to the business persons aspiring to expand their empire. For those who have been actively promoting their products on social media, Facebook has been their most loyal

For the competitive entrepreneur in us, Facebook marketing has leveraged multiple benefits like ad campaigning, post promotion, organizing events, product branding, retargeting customers through remarketing & directing the fan page traffic via legitimate link. And these strategieshave paid dividends in amassing significant number of customers. Meanwhile, in yet other noticeable move, the developers of Facebook have added the call-to-action button on the cover image of the fan pages. With the multitude of options that the button comes with, it is a power-puff package in its own way.

Talking about the advantages of call-to-action feature, it comes with 7 predefined tags which makes it easier for users to figure out what they exactly want. The features are: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. Additionally, it influences other big advantages like giving the page owner an account of exact number of clicks that have occurred. The feature is not only going to act as a business accelerating tool for the customers but will also bring eased accessibility to users. Resultant, the customer won’t have to rely on a search engine or technicalities of a website to suffice their needs.

Going by the name, it is clearly evident that the purpose of the button is to satisfy your craving for more customers/fans. All you got to do is to choose the relevant name for your button, instill the relevant link & click done! And there you are ready with a potential tool which will help increase the footfall on your website.Concluding, we can state that call-to-action is all set to become one of the milestone addition to facebook!

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)

Amplifying Apps by BrandAppZ

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BrandAppZ is a leading Facebook Application Development house and one of the largest Social Media Management firms in India. BrandAppZ has been successfully developing and delivering rich and impactful facebook applications ever since Facebook welcomed developers to its platform. The Apps by BrandAppZ are not only gorgeous & outstanding but are unbelievably easy on the pocket. Just Plug ‘n’ Play and enjoy an unsurpassable engagement on your fan page or website!

So, here we are with an application which is entertaining, interactive and you just can’t get enough of it. The idea was to give the client a smart social application which could generate more interaction among the masses & can get more registered users. With a view to maximize the followers, the app was introduced and since then it has been making a lot of news. Catering to adventure enthusiasts from not only India but other countries as well, the app was made in such a way that the content goes straight on the clients’ website. Various facebook components have been used to make the registration & interaction hassle-free & easy for all kinds of users. The most fascinating part of the application is that it registers you automatically to the website (!! All product owners & marketers know how miraculous such a thing can be for their products & brand. The application is a masterpiece. It is completely integrated with the website at the backend, so that all the discussions & interactions- be it in the form of posting a comment or a new topic of discussion or even a picture- get posted directly on the website, making the latter content rich.avn_app

This smart application works well on all the devices-be it desktop, laptop, android, ios, tab or whatever comes to your mind. It is quiet phenomenal as not all of the applications out there in the market have such compatibility. The app has been made like a game with three things happening at one time and more being added over a period of time. A daily quiz with a different question everyday, a jigsaw game and upload of images by users are some of the key features of the application.

Point system used in the app along with dedicated leader board keeps the users happy and participants active as they can clearly see who is topping the charts every week & month. That’s a big boost for any user to participate! It is a powerful application rich with social features like features like Invite Friends, facebook comments, facebook like & all these features have been smartly used. Each time the user uses any of these social features, it leaves an impression on their friends’ News Feed. All these clicks are recorded at the backend & the user is rewarded with additional points. The application is smart enough to recognize how many invited users have joined the application and rewards the fans (who invited their fiends) with some more points. This triggers a chain reaction leading to more impressions & registrations!

Forums like chit-chat and discussions let people talk their heart out. It becomes convenient for the marketer to get people talking about the brand and the fans are anyways happy with so much happening under the sun that theykeep participating regardless of time and space.

If you too are looking for an App as cool as this, you know who to get in touch with 😉

Written by:
Nalin Sharma
(Social Media Executive)